Thursday, September 29, 2022

Busy Busy

So, has it been long enough that I need to reintroduce myself? 

School started so we have grandchildren that we feed breakfast and put on a bus. We have a toddler 5 days a week that we take back and forth to preschool 2 afternoons. We have another toddler from out of town 3 days a week and sometimes take back and forth to preschool in another town. We have a sick bay since the three elementary schools grandkids attend have had a stomach virus. We traveled to 3 football games for the oldest 4 grandchildren. One morning all 3 elementary schools conspired to have 6 boys aged 9 and under all here on the same day for teachers days. We have a lot of grandchildren. That's my main excuse. 

So, one day I was thinking about Christmas (of course I was) and how the bedding I bought last February for the guest room will clash terribly with the misguided painting scheme on the walls and the next thing I knew

Trust me, it was even worse with the closet doors. I had purchased green, pink, and baby blue paint for a nursery, wrote instructions with diagrams and left for the weekend. When I came home, the paint was used, the furniture was in place and it was not what I had pictured. But I lived with it for at least ten years. 

Better already with the pink woodwork painted over. 

My three year old painting contractor did a great job. 

He even cleans. 

He likes to tell the laborer how it should be done. 

He installed new baseboards

A fresh white ceiling really brightened the room. And you can enjoy the two colored walls . . . 

We have progressed to the point where the painting crew cannot use paint while painting. It doesn't seem to bother them. 

We will be spending some late nights on the project this weekend as carpet is being installed early Tuesday morning. 

So, this is what we are doing. Except that the paint sample is actually gray and the carpet is supposed to be gray. And everyone from the salesperson at the carpet store, the owner of the carpet store, my husband, my daughter, any person I question, tells me it is gray. But I think it looks brown.  And they all think that it looks more gray with the gray paint sample.  I think it makes the gray paint sample look like brown paint.  The bedding is gray.  So I guess it is what it is . . .   

This room is a challenge!!  Yes, the walls will be dark, but with the white ceiling, the white molding and the wall of white closet doors (more on the doors), I think it will look great.

Back in the dark ages, when 3 teenage boys shared this room in a set of bunkbeds and a single and had 3 separate closets to prevent sharing, we built out closets and bought three inexpensive closet doors. After removing them, we both agreed to upgrade them. Once we got to the store, the budget kept increasing. We decided to come home and think about it. I have thought about it and I want the most expensive, custom order doors. Now we need to find time to go back to the big city to order the doors and just cross my fingers they arrive by Christmas. 


  1. What a great project! Your little helpers are pretty cute! I see a grey/brown and I am sure it will be okay!

  2. It's good to hear from you. I'm awol these days too. Mom is taking lots of time and is now so far away. If there were a condo or house on the side of town she now lives in, we would be moving too! I can't imagine adding taking care of grandkids into the mix!
    Love what you're doing with the room and your contractor seems to be a stern and demanding taskmaster. :-) It's going to be great when it's done
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. So much work, but it will be so worth it when everything is finished. I'm looking forward to your after photo. I love room makeovers . . . at my home and at everyone else's, too :)

  4. That carpet looks brown to me as well. Once finished I'm sure it will look like a new room all matching and bright.

  5. Love how your little grandson jumps right in there and helps. Both adorable little guys. Learning from the best they are! This room is going to look great when finished. We are doing some refreshing here. We have been waiting for months to have the bathroom shower done. Taking for ever for stuff to come in and to have people to actually do the work we can't. Happy Saturday, Betsy

  6. Okay, So you HAVE been busy! LOL! I love deep rich colors on walls...They always say that deep rich colors make any art work that you hang on them pop...The rug does look brown to me but it could just be my computer...Can't wait to see the finished project as i am sure that you also can not wait!! Thanks so much for all your visits and taking the time to let me know that you stopped by because you left such nice comments! I truly appreciate it as I know how busy you are!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  7. Hi! I thought I'd pop in. I follow Val's blog. I have to agree with you, the carpet looks brown to me, too.

    I have one son and no grandchildren, we are opposites in that! Your grands are adorable.

  8. Whew! I am in your camp, it's brown not gray. Will be interested to see how it looks farther down the line. The grands spend a lot of time at your house, you must take lots of vitamins to keep up cause kids are tiring.
    Sandy's Space

  9. Hello Kitty! I really liked your description of accompanying the grandchildren now at the beginning of classes. I've also been through a lot like this and today I miss those times a lot.
    Enjoy this time with your grandchildren! The work of accompanying them is a thousand times surpassed by the pleasure of doing it. When we realize it, they grow up very quickly: they go to university, go to other countries, start working and get married!
    Then we have to wait if we can still help with the great-grandchildren...

  10. Gosh I read this and thought I left a comment. Maybe I didn't. Anyway it looks like you are busy busy as usual! Indeed that looks brown, but the end result will show its true colors!

  11. Was pretty sure I left a message previously here, but don't see it. You've been busy and your little helpers are so cute. I am with you in the brown camp. Popping back in as I make my blog rounds, hope you're doing well.
    Sandy's Space

  12. Test. I've heard commenting is off. Boooo!


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