Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Table for A Tablescape

 One of the main reasons I haven't been around to show a tablescape? NO TABLE! 
Around and about 1989, we purchased a new table and chairs. A scant few weeks after they arrived, I had a pot that caught on fire on my stove. Thinking quickly - I grabbed the pot off the stove and placed it on my brand new table - thereby marking it forever with a nice round hole. Not  a deep hole; it only burned about half way through the table top before I grabbed it again and placed it in the sink. We had five children aged 5-12 at the time and the chairs held up remarkably well with the climbing, tipping, and foot resting . But eventually they had to be replaced and I managed to purchase some lovely vintage ones at an auction.
Meanwhile my grandmother's mahogany table and chairs rotated into my possession. Unfortunately they had traveled a hard route and needed numerous repairs. The veneer needed replaced, the leaves were warped, the joints need glued and on and on. As much as restoring the table was my dream, I do not have the talent to do the work and the estimates I was getting exceeded the price of a new table and chairs. I had already given my original table away and sold the chairs at a yard sale, so a decision needed to be made.   
My dear sweet husband is a Union Man and refuses to make a large purchase unless the goods are Made In America. Preferably Union Made in America.  After several weeks of searching, we found this very difficult. The lovely furniture that was originally made in the Carolinas is now imported from overseas and sold from there. We found one furniture company that imports the wood from Russia, the furniture is made in China and the furniture is sold from North Carolina.  And the quality does suffer. After many road trips to many furniture stores, we eventually decided to have the set we wanted made by the Amish.  We were told it would take four to eight weeks; we actually received the furniture in ten weeks and it is everything we ever dreamed of! Gorgeous and sturdy enough, not only for our children, but for our grandchildren, too! The pedestal design allows for three leaves when the occasion warrants. I was pleased to find that the table with two leaves fits nicely in the dining room and allows all eight chairs to fit easily around the table. The Weaver family did a remarkable job!
The table and chairs arrived just in time for a February tablescape! Since I just spent all that money on the table set, I was glad to find all eight placemats at the Dollar Tree! The green matches the walls in my adjoining living room and ties the rooms together. The bottom red plate is Pfaltzgraff, purchased when the outlet stores were still open. The adorable scallop edged pink granite -look plates were a Pfaltzgraff find, too - along with the cupcake custard cups. The mittens were from Hallmark years ago and the adorable bowls from former co-workers. The clear glass heart shaped candy bowls were my grandmothers.

By the way, do you like the color of the dining room? Since we had All That Time to wait for the dining room table and chairs to be crafted, I managed to talk my dear sweet husband into a new paint job! Sparkling white ceiling and trim, and I am calling this shade Geranium Pink. I am totally in love with it!
To fancy up the room, I stayed up late one night and hand stitched up this felt Valentine Banner.

My daughter-in-law was so taken by it she asked me to make one for her, too.  (The darker splotch on the wall is a test for a new dining room color - I think it will look terrific).

Thanks for stopping by! I am going to try to visit all the other tablescapes at   It has been a very long time since I have been around to see you all and I am really looking forward to seeing you all again.


  1. Hey there, Miss Merry! It HAS been awhile!!! My goodness! So glad to see you back here!

    Sticking to your guns to find something American-made was a wise choice that yielded a beautiful dining set! Those chairs are unbelievably pretty! I love it that the ones at the ends have the arms on them. It all looks very, very sturdy...although I'm not sure it could withstand a fiery pot, so be cool with that! :-)

    I'm so happy you're enjoying the new dining room color! It's like "the new red" and should keep your appetite healthy and your heart happy!

    You did a wonderful job with those banners!!! I'm not a very good seamstress (can't really sew at all), so I totally tip my hat to you.

    Good luck with your next paint job! Have a great week and a loving Valentine's Day!

  2. I love your dining room set and the chairs are lovely too! I'm so happy you got something proudly made in the USA, very hard to come by these days! I love the pink dishes and the heart banner is adorable. Everything looks happy and romantic! Have fun with your new painting Project ahead. Happy Valentine's my friend.

  3. Glad you got the table! Your valentine decor is adorable.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  4. Merry, what a beautiful table! The wood grain in that one shot is fabulous. I am just sick about the burn in the other table though! You will have so many years of enjoying this with all the additional leaves - that is fantastic. Your banner is adorable and how sweet that you made a second one!

  5. Good luck with your table, it is lovely! Our furniture is American made too. Our kitchen table is oak, we bought it unfinished and dh finished it. It has been redone many times, and my son's 5 little ones now join us at it. It was expensive, but very sturdy and has stood the test of time!
    Many happy gatherings at your new table!

  6. Such a cute table.Love the blue bottles lined up under the banner.your dishes are pretty.Thanks for stopping by to leave your lovely comment.Have wonderful valentines Day..Love ...sujatha..:):)

  7. Merry, I enjoyed the story of your new table -- and your old one! I know you had fun setting a festive pink table for Valentine's Day! It's the perfect "inauguration" for your new table!

  8. Miss Merry,
    What an amazing story of your gorgeous table!
    I love the fact that it can seat so many of your family for gatherings!!!
    Love your tablescape, dear one...and your handmade banner is darling!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and visit today!
    Love that you and the Mr. met young and stayed together, too!!!
    From My~Heart~to~Yours. . .Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    Your new Table is Gorgeous and I know you will have a lot of family gatherings on it. I love the look of the pink and red dishes on your Beautiful dark wood for Valentine's Day so sweet. I would like to thank you for your sweet comments on my Table also.
    God Bless.xxoo

  10. Hi Miss Merry! Nice to meet you on the web! Your table looks great!
    Many thanks for your visit at my blog! :)
    Greetings from Italy!

  11. Beautiful dining room set, Miss Merry! The Amish are truly craftsmen when it comes to building furniture.
    Your Valentin's tablescape is lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Be Mine is a great theme on that new table. You did a great job on making an inviting
    party to attend. Please come visit my site and enjoy my table.

  13. Congratulations on your new table. It is beautiful, and sure to be a place of many happy family memories. I love your tablescape and hope you have a great Valentine's Day. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. I just love the new table! and your tablescape is lovely! I'm so taken with your table story....but I have to agree, the new furniture of today leaves a lot to be desired....I purposely look for older pieces at flea markets and yard sales...then I redo them......Enjoy your lovely new table - I hope you make many memories to be passed down!

  15. Miss Merry, Your new dining room table is beautiful. Amish is the best way to go if you are shopping for new. There is a curious thing about the Amish, they believe in pride in their craftsmanship. I love spending a day shopping in our local Amish communities. Your Valentine's Day Tablescape is lovely. I love the pink and red on the light green. Your banners are marvelous too.

  16. Your table is simply beautiful, first thing I noticed, with the thought, oh what a great table and chairs, love all the tablescapes I could be doing on that the Valentine banner too...phyllis

  17. The table is total wonderful, but chairs are fantastic. I love the Amish furniture. It will truly last through several generations. Dianne

  18. The table and chairs are wonderful! You had to wait a long time, but well worth the wait! The Amish do wonderful work. I almost cried when I read you had damaged your first table!

    Cute banner too! And the new paint will look great!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  19. Beautiful new table! I know what it's like to have old tables and chairs creaking and in need of glue! This one should last a long long time. The paint on your walls is so pretty too. thanks for stopping by my blog!

  20. I am so glad that you commented on my blog, so that I could find yours! Love the story of the dining table and your beautiful table setting. I do not blame your daughter-in-law for wanting one of those banners - it is fantastic!!

  21. Hi Miss Merry it is a pleasure to meet you. I loved the story of your table. My husband is also a union/made in America man. I've heard about the quality of Amish furniture but have yet to see any in person. I'm also happy to follow your blog.

  22. That's a beautiful table. I love your banner! Hope you have many wonderful memories around your new table. I do like that paint color. Very pretty.

  23. I had to smile at Your story of Your dinning room tables of the past. It sounded so familiar.Brought back memories of My own dinning room tables as a young woman with a growing family.What I really would have loved....but I had many hand me downs.....I still have My Grandparents dinning table.The similarities continue with the husband's who both love "Made in America." I know what a pain that can be,not just with furniture but with everything."Look Babe what I bought today,isn't it nice?" He then looks at the tag...."Well it's made in Thiland -at least that's better than China." Sound familiar? Love Your new table,it's beautiful and the setting is pretty. Hugs and blessings Denise

  24. How beautiful! I have heard that the Amish do indeed create such lovely furniture and your table is proof!

  25. Love your table setting! My daughter would be green with envy of you ball jar collection!

  26. Your new table set is lovely and I adore the story. Job well done on the buntings. I hope you enjoy your new table for many wonderful years.

  27. Sometimes serendipities happen when we least expect. I clicked to comment on Linda's magnificent tea party, and is came here by chance.

    This is a simply charming story, and I love the evolution of your dining room as the table and your children live together The color is absolutely wonderful ---I'm in a definite pink phase in my life, and have touches and shades of pink all over the place. I'm so glad for the little mis-step which brought me, and look forward to other visits to delve into your lovely archives.


  28. What a wonderful table, and I love the fact that it seats 8. I have a Duncan Phyfe table that needs new veneer, but I haven't found anyone who can handle that.
    I have a thing for dining tables!
    Enjoyed visiting , and I am a new follower.
    White Spray Paint

  29. How wonderful to have that special table. I am glad you found one made in America. I am hanging onto my furnishings for that reason, and they will either be slipcovered or reupholstered.

    Your table is wonderful, and I love your banners!



  30. Thanks for listening to My adventure.On with the hotels and motels :)


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