Sunday, March 9, 2014

My March Table

Look familiar? I am still in love with my new table! And since everyone seemed to like the February table so much, I thought I would do something similar for March.
We were all in love with the beautiful wood of the table top, but I finally allowed my family to come over for dinner and use the table. As a group we are entirely too sloppy and uncouth to allow this to continue. The table top is now protected with the table pads I saved from my grandmother's dining room table. The pads are covered with a dark green table cloth and then topped with a white lace table top. Don't worry about the tablecloths - both came from Dollar General and I can spray them liberally with Shout and run them through the washer.

I am economizing after this major purchase, and I am mixing and matching to come up with eight place settings! Four of the guests will have this white Pfaltzgraff dinner plate with green border, topped with a green Pfaltzgraff salad plate and shamrock napkin. This place settings have a secret!
The bottom plate is from my Christmas dishes! (Don't tell)
The other four guests have the dinner plates that match the salad plates. Instead of a salad plate, they get a Leprechaun's hat!

The tea cup and saucer come from a set purchased piece by piece by piece with stamps at a local grocery store in 1995. My oldest daughter had just graduated from high school in June and with four still at home, I bought a lot of groceries. There was some sort of a deal with place settings and then I started on the serving pieces. She used these in her first and several more apartments and then began passing it down the line. When her youngest brother got married last summer - it arrived back at my house. The dinner plates joined about 200 other mis-matched china plates that were used for the reception. I kept the tea cups, saucers and a small platter and the rest went to Goodwill.
And I made another banner! Actually my Valentine's banner was so popular that both of my daughter-in-laws and one of my daughters requested one for March, too. - Here is the dining room table (with pads) doing double duty as a work table.
As you can tell from the back of the table, this is not my only project for the month. I am in the midst of organizing my 4-H activities for the year, planning a baby shower for about 40 guests and working on some projects for my church. And . . .
No, I didn't move. But my oldest son purchased his first home. We were busy moving everything out of his apartment at the last minute when the closing was delayed twice by the owners. Now I am scouring my closets, porches, storage and garage for any items he owns or I want to dump on him! He has purchased an adorable little ranch and was already painting the ceilings the first night he moved in. My favorite feature of the home is this adorable range located in his basement. The former owner used it for canning.
LOVE!!!! Doesn't it remind you of this one I painted while my husband was remodeling our own kitchen? 
There has already been some discussion about moving it from the basement (by me) and some discussion on how heavy it is and how it is going to stay put (by the rest of the family). If he had only bought this house about four years ago - I would have designed my kitchen around it!

I will be linking with Susan and all those much more creative tablescapes at :


  1. Wonderful table! The hats are such a great touch.

  2. What a fun tablescape! Life can really keep us busy. Congrats to your son on his house purchase.

  3. I have always wanted one of those table covers.If I ever do purchase a new table that would be a must,except when I really am honest with Myself....I don't have any company any more.I LOVE LOVE Your stove painting.Fabulous!

  4. What a gorgeous table you set! How did you make your banner? Did you cut all those out by hand? I love it all...I couldn't believe you said you were a grandmother. I thought the picture with the baby was your baby! You must have good water in Ohio or great genes!
    I wish your son lived closer as I have stuff he could have too! I love that stove and had one similar many years ago, a Magic Chef with a grill in the middle. It was the best stove I ever had. You drew that stove with the towels? You're amazing. Than you for your words of encouragement as I need them at my age!

  5. Wonderful Table! Have a great idea dear.I loved it!!


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