Sunday, June 20, 2021

First Day of Summer


It's the first day of Summer! 

I can take no credit for these flowers. Mother Nature is in charge of my favorite ditch lilies ( a red letter day at my house when they first start flowering).  My mother and I used to strap my kids in car seats, put the shovels in the trunk and head to country railroad crossing to dig them up in clumps. I understand from a law enforcement officer that I gave birth to that there are hefty fines for this behavior these days! 

I have six of these wonderful hanging baskets. I have 3 similar to the one in front. My youngest daughter purchased one for me for Mother's Day and I purchased two more. My middle son and his wife purchased two equally gorgeous ones with pink geraniums that are inbetween the multicolored baskets. I have one that is mostly yellow transplanted in the basket of the pink bicycle I have strapped to my tree. We purchase all the baskets early in May from local Amish warehouses that sell wholesale to walk in customers. 

Mr. Merry has taken over the care and feeding of all the flowers and it is eye popping! I get so many compliments from neighbors, passersby and on Facebook about my lovely flowers. I have absolutely nothing to do with them once they leave the back of my vehicle. 

Meanwhile we are very busy in the grandchild care business. My middle son has a new job and was just sent out of state for two weeks for training. We have his two elementary boys every day now. My youngest sons three boys, aged 6, 5, and 2 are coming this week since teacher mom has a mandatory class and their other grandfather is back in the hospital. My oldest daughter's daughter (one of my two granddaughters) does not have camp this week. She is eleven and is at the age where you really aren't comfortable to leave her home for an eight hour day and this week they have workers coming in to work on her kitchen. We picked her up from two hours away today and she will be here until Friday.  So - busy busy. 

I am also waging war with city hall in my free time. It is a long story involving changing zoning and trying to destroy our property values. We have lived in this single story house for 42 years and remodeled every inch into our forever home and I am pretty much over the edge.  

So, anyway, enjoy your summer! 


  1. Oh my, oh my! Those flowers are amazing. I'm trying to bring my sickly baskets back to life. I fear they may be headed for the garbage. I left them in the care of my MIL when I went to Spokane last week. Ooops. She forgot to water them in 90+ temperatures. I'm glad it was just flowers though.
    When I was a child we used to make mud pies and decorate them with ditch lilly petals. Then we ate the petals! They must not be poisonous because we're still all here. :-)
    I've always loved the round basketfuls of flowers and think yours is especially beautiful. Your front porch is my dream porch and with it attached to a once story home....that's my dream house.
    Wishing you a wonderful day today and I hope you enjoy every moment with the grandchildren. How blessed you are to be so close to them all.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Your flowers are so pretty! Mr Merry has a real green thumb! You are a busy grandma...enjoy!!

  3. WOWZA!! Those flowers are absolutely stunning especially those baskets....Love the story about the Lilies... Too funny!!
    I can order those shoes online because I take the same size in all the styles of Easy Spirit backless shoes...I usually order them from a Pa. based department store and should they never not fit, I can easily return them to the store if I had to.
    Thanks again for stopping by!!

  4. Good heavens what gorgeous flowers! We used to dig up clumps of the lilies when we saw them coming up at the roadsides back in the country. Still do if I see them and out in the country way out near the old barely trekked roadsides. Wow, you stay busy with your grands. I have had the two girls here through the school year as they had to home school. I really don't want them going back next school session. I at least know what they are being taught. Some questionable at times. Give city hall heck and hope others will join in with you. Good luck with that and it's so frustrating I am sure to have to deal with those people.

  5. Thanks again for visiting and for taking the time to comment!! Our nice weather will be disappearing and we are supposed to have a stretch of 90 degree weather...I will be stuck in the house in the air conditioning....
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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