Saturday, June 25, 2022

End of June and it's Daylily Day

 It's the end of June and my Daylilies have bloomed! 

Thank you all for your suggestions on how a fat old lady can possibly rise from the sand while on the beach.  All the suggestions were great, but after discussion with my daughter, I am taking my heavy director style chair with arms and we will just walk to the parking lot to stash it in the car before walking to restaurants and such. 
I have less than 48 hours before we leave on vacation so today I need to do laundry and pack. I did empty my closet and dresser (what a project!) and discovered I have an entire summer wardrobe I had forgotten about since two years ago and it still fit. 

I am shell shocked by the Supreme Court decision on Friday. I was in high school in our small community before Roe vs Wade. When a girl from a wealthy family got pregnant, she would visit an "aunt" in New York or go on a "family vacation" to Mexico or the Caribbean. Everyone else either dropped out of school to marry a willing boyfriend or had to wear a girdle so the school would not find out and expel her. I know two girls, one in my class and one in the class ahead of ours, who hid pregnancy from their parents who then put the babies up for adoption without the consent of the girls (parents could do that if you weren't 21). The girls were not even permitted to see the babies. One girl did go to a Catholic home somewhere. I don't know the details because she was silent and withdrawn when she returned to school "from mono" and really never spoke to anyone at school again. 

I also have a friend whose daughter was raped in college during her junior year. A stranger climbed in a second story window during the night and assaulted her.  It is a long story which results in a pregnancy. When she found out, she attempted suicide and was hospitalized on a mental ward. After release, she decided to get an abortion. Fortunately this was following Roe and she had the opportunity to make a choice with her supportive family and, just as importantly, the time to make the choice. With the time that Roe bought her past the first six weeks, she decided to carry the baby and put it up for adoption. Then, at the child's birth, decided to keep the baby. She was not pressured into a hasty decision she might have regretted.

I would like to add that the serial rapist, who broke into other college girl's apartments was apprehended. A woman in law enforcement whispered, behind closed doors, that she needed to consult an attorney if she was keeping the pregnancy. The family visited their lawyer and discovered that if she assisted in the prosecution, she would have to get a DNA test on her baby daughter. And those test results would give him parental rights in our state. His parents could even use his visitation rights to take the infant to the prison to see him.  Needless to say, she cut all contact with law enforcement despite their pleas for this evidence. 

I never thought this would be the world I would leave for my granddaughters. One family has the financial resources they would need if necessary. I need to work hard to make sure options are available for all our other granddaughters. 


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. Glad you have a plan for your vacation. I join with anger, disgust, and sadness about Roe. We must be close to the same age, as I have some of the same stories. Additionally, I had a good friend who's SIL was in a bad auto accident and baby died; but she had to carry the dead baby full term. How horrible is that. The poor woman was never the same. I don't know how you get over things like that. My very best friend was sent away by her parents. They would let me write to her; but I had to take my letters to them so they could address them. They didn't want me to know where she was or anyone else for that matter. I worked at the hospital back when people who could afford it went to NY and got what I think I remember being called a salt water abortion. It was like a partial abortion in that it nothing happened right away. They would come back across state lines, many of them sick or with an infection when they actually aborted and ended up in the hospital. Many of them were very very sick. I know they've been talking about this since the leaked information; but somehow I hoped it wouldn't happen. So many will be adversely affected by this. Time and time again surveys shows the majority of Americans support abortion rights, but this loud obnoxious minority seems to control everything.
    Sandy's Space

  2. Just as the decision has deeply bothered me too...I wonder what Justice Thomas meant when he said we needed to correct more errors. The word Woman/Women was never mentioned in our Constitution. Think about that. Does that mean SCOTUS will correct the error of letting women vote, have property, or have any rights that have been fought for?

    WI is now allowing the abortion law from 1849 to take effect. No abortion under any circumstances.
    What if the baby endangers your life?

    I am beyond child bearing but I too worry about my rights, and my grand childrens' rights as women. Where is this going? We erased 50 years of rights overnight.

  3. Your hanging baskets are just beautiful! I have always supported a womans right to choose, men should not be involved. I fear for the safety of many young girls who will find a back street abortionist and die.

  4. Your garden is a riot of colour. Hope someone will look after it when you go on vacation. I was shocked to hear the judgement last week. I couldn't believe this was happening in this day and age.

  5. O my! Your hanging baskets and lilies are just gorgeous...I agree with you in a woman's choice and I also believe in separation of church and state...I hope you have a great vacation and thanks so much for always visiting and leaving such lovely comments!!

  6. Waving hi as I make my blog rounds and hope you're having a wonderful vacation.

  7. Wow, you have some nice looking flowers. I need to pack more in my garden areas and let them come back every year. Happy Independence Day!


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