Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Antique Gramma - Wedding Dress Wednesday

A neighboring small town has an "historical village" with a large brick mansion and several barns, buildings and even log cabins have also been relocated to the site over the years. They were celebrating their 50th Anniversary and asked on a Facebook post if anyone had antique/vintage wedding dresses they would be willing to lend for a display. 

As the keeper of all family memorabilia, I have a closet of generations of  wedding dresses so I wrote a message describing them all. To my surprise, they were interested in my polyester 70's wedding gown. I shouldn't have been surprised. I know I am an antique. 

I invited my youngest daughter and her children to accompany me to the birthday party. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day and most people were not as willing to brave the elements as my granddaughter. 

And here we are with my antique wedding gown! Lydia asked if, since we were visiting antiques, would there be dinosaurs, too? 

Here are a few others on display. 

We played Birthday Party Games! 

Our favorite discovery was TWO doll houses. This one was created many years ago as a replica of the mansion on site.  This photo features the third floor ballroom which is still available for rental today.  My next post will feature photos from inside the mansion. 

The second dollhouse was a huge masterpiece created as a labor of love by a husband and wife, now in their 90's. They were present to show it off. The rooms were protected by plexiglass panels which made it difficult to photograph and the lighting system was not working. 

An upstairs room had toys we knew better than to touch.  

Then we went outside to play with some vintage toys that we were allowed to touch. 

And there was a food truck! 

One log cabin featured a quilt show, another had a civil war historian who was familiar with my identical twin 1st cousins, 4x removed, who served in the OH 123rd Infantry, one held as a prisoner at Andersonville. There was a petting zoo, a school house, musicians, and a baked good auction where we spent too much money for a worthy cause.  There were many more cabins and buildings we were not able to visit. 

It was quite the afternoon and it is a shame that more people did not attend. 


  1. That sounds like an afternoon that I would have loved. I enjoy visiting historical homes, especially when they are decorted in the time period. The wedding dress display is so pretty and your grandkids were so well behaved in the toy room and with the amazing doll houses.
    Thanks for sharing this day with us. So fun!

  2. So much to see and do. The wedding dresses look as though they are fromm the 1800s, except for yours, of course.

  3. What a neat place with so many great exhibits. Those doll houses are a wonder in themselves!

    I suppose the rain put off more visitors that would have come. Does it run through the weekend? I would hope more would see this! I know my step daughter is smitten by all things vintage and antique.

    Thanks for taking me on this tour looking forward to more!

  4. That looks like so much run! Your grandchildren will have great memories.

  5. How wonderful that you took your dress! You are an antique!! What a fun day of activities! :)

  6. The wedding gowns were beautiful including your own...The doll houses are lovely!! What a great time you must have had...Thanks so much for all your visits and lovely comments!! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit....I am glad that I had a mild case of COVID and if other family members didn't test positive, I would have chalked it up to a cold or sinus infection and never went to get tested....Stay safe , healthy and happy!!

  7. Looks like it was a great event with much to see and do. Nice that you were able to contribute to the cause in more ways than one. ;)

  8. You have the cutest lil grandchildren. I love those wedding dresses, they covered more skin then, didn't they? Now much more revealing. I enjoy the civil war exhibits and pretty neat about the Civil war historian knowing about your family members. I would have enjoyed this.

  9. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Beautiful old dresses, they certain paid a lot of attention to detail.


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